Wednesday 17 October 2012

In our preceding post- “SEO - Does it really matter?” we highlighted the importance of SEO to enhance your reachability to your customers and consequently gain more profit. We have also covered the factors regarding Keywords to increase your rankings in our post-“Keywords- An important component in SEO”. Other than keywords there are other On Page Optimization factors that can aid us improve our SEO rankings which we have compiled in our post “On page SEO - Factors that can improve your ranks” . Only doing On Page Optimization you cannot expect to increase your rankings so that you are on the first page of Search Engines. We will be listing a few of the important techniques for Off Page SEO in this post.

• Social Networking Sites
This is the 1st step towards Off Page SEO. Social Networking sites are a very good channel to present your views to the masses. In today’s generation a majority of the people have accounts on many of these sites. Hence it has been proven to play a major role in marketing your products.

Social Media in SEO
• Search Engine Submission
In order to get Search Engines to list your web pages and blogs in their results you need to submit your website to them. Most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Alexa and they list you for free.

• Inbound Links
This is one of the main factors the crawlers use to rank your site. Inbound links basically tells the crawlers how many people are talking about you. It is not the quantity that matters but these links should be of high quality and from similar sites. Avoid having links from link farms; they can reduce your rank. Reputed links like .edu or .gov will definitely improve your rankings. Links which are older are better. It is also important what the anchor text of that link is. It has to be related to your page.

• Blogging
Blogging is the most powerful method to promote your company/website online. Your blogs have to contain unique content and to the point. After composing a blog you need to promote it in blog directories and blog search engines. Another method to publicize your blog is to post comments on do-follow blogs belonging to your niche. Guest blogging is another method to get your blog visible to search engines.

• Directory Submission
It is important to submit your site to reputed directories and in the correct category. They do take time to list you, but it’s worth it. Submit your websites to the topmost quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZoomInfo, One Mission, Pegasus, etc.

• Forum Postings
Create a forum/ discussion and start a conversation or share topics with your friends. Besides you can also post to a thread other related forums that allow links in your signature(website and blog links) which can be crawled by the search engines(Do follow links).

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